Question: How Do I Turn Off Smart Tunes?

How do I use CRBT service?

For which, you need to dial *1455# to go to the main menu and select accordingly under several categories.

Customers can also subscribe to the CRBT service from IVR from 1455.

Detail Flow for IVR based Subscription is as below: User Dials 1455 & various Categories will be displayed like (Top10, Nepali Songs, etc ).

How can I cancel my caller tune?

Idea: You can deactivate Idea caller tune service either by calling ‘12345’ or by sending SMS ‘DT DEACT’ to ‘55456’. Vodafone: To disable caller tune in Vodafone, just send an SMS ‘CAN CT’ to ‘144’. Tata DoCoMo: SMS ‘STOP’ to ‘543211’ to deactivate your caller tune service on DoCoMo number.

How can I change my Telenor Smart tune?

To purchase new SmartTune:SMS ‘ST ‘ to 230. Example: ST xxxxxxxxxx.OR Dial 230 (Rs. 1.20 call set up fee incl. tax)OR Send SMS to 230 (12 paisa incl. tax)OR visit and login to Smart Tunes portal Click Here.

How can I change my caller tune?

Step 1: Download the JioSaavn music app on your android or iOS smartphone. Step 2: After downloading open the app using your My Jio account credentials, a list of songs will appear on the screen. Step 3: Select a song of your choice which you want to set as JioTune. Step 4: On the new page, click on Three dots.

What is a caller ringtone?

A ringtone is what you hear from your phone when someone calls you. A Caller Tune is what your caller hears when they call your phone.

How can I delete call tone?

How to unsubscribe from Call Tone service? And Can I subscribe again?Text SMS “unsub” to 9999.Call 9999, choose unsubscribe menu.Call Customer service.

What is caller ring back tone?

A caller RBT is also known as an answer tone, ringback tone, caller tune, call tone or connecting tone. … Generally, it is a repeated tone which assures the calling party that the called party’s phone is ringing. Typically, RBTs are flexible and feature-rich value-added services.

How do I remove a caller tune from my smart phone?

HOW TO DEACTIVATE. Dial *171*6*3# to deactivate through USSD.

How can I download free caller tunes to my mobile?

How to Set Free Caller Tunes without amount?After installing, open the app and set up your Call Me Tune.Go to Menu bar at the top left corner and select Register Call Me Tune option.

How do I get caller tune on Vodacom?

Dial *117*987# and follow the prompts. Dial 117800 (toll-free). SMS “Stop” to 1178.

How can I deactivate my Telenor Smart Number?

Calls or SMS* from your assigned Smart Number instantly by dialing a prefix “77” before the number you are calling or sending a message to e.g. Example: 7703451212121. Missed Call Alerts. Block or unblock unwanted calls and SMS. Your Smart Number can be turned ‘on’ or ‘off’ for a specified time.