Quick Answer: How Can I Recover WhatsApp After Reinstall?

Where is WhatsApp backup stored?

Local backups are stored as encrypted database files in your device storage under WhatsApp > Databases.

They are decrypted by WhatsApp using a key stored on your phone (which is inaccessible unless you have root access to your phone).

A view of the Databases folder in Android’s WhatsApp storage..

How do I restore my local WhatsApp backup?

Use Local Backup to restore WhatsApp Backup AndroidStep 1: Launch File Manager App. Take WhatsApp backup on local storage and access it by installing any File Manager or File Explorer app on your device.Step 2: Browse device’s storage. … Step 3: Rename backup file. … Step 4: Reinstall WhatsApp. … Step 5: Start Restore.

What happens if I delete my WhatsApp account and reinstall?

According to WhatsApp once you decide to delete your account, it is in an irreversible process that not even the app’s creators can put back if you have done it by accident. … As long as you have backed up your chats, then if/when you reinstall the app, the messages should be there.

Will I lose data if I uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp?

Before rushing to delete WhatsApp from your Android Phone, you should remember to make a backup of your WhatsApp Messages to Google Drive. This way you will not be losing your Messages, Pictures and history.

Why can’t I restore my WhatsApp chat history?

If WhatsApp doesn’t detect a backup, it could be because: You aren’t logged into the same Google account. You aren’t using the same phone number that was used to create the backup. Your SD card or chat history is corrupted.

How can I restore my deleted WhatsApp account?

How to recover WhatsApp messages after account deletion?Launch WhatsApp.After that press menu button.Click on settings.Click chats and chat backups.Here you will see last backup. … Now users who already have account, they have to press Account and select the existing account.More items…

How do I restore my WhatsApp messages on my new phone?

To do this you’ll need to take your old handset and go to WhatsApp Settings, Chats, Chat Backup and then tap Backup Now. On your new handset, reinstall WhatsApp, confirm your phone number (which has to be the same as the one used on your old phone) and you will be prompted to restore your chat history.

How can I read WhatsApp backup?

How to Access WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive?Step 1: Take a backup of your chats.Step 2: Restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive.Step 1: Connect your Android phone to the system.Step 2: Backup your data to your computer.Step 3: Disconnect your device.Step 4: Restore your backup.

Can I restore old WhatsApp chat that I have skipped to restore?

crypt12. Uninstall WhatsApp from your phone (if you have it) and reinstall it again by downloading the latest version from Google Play. Specify the phone number you’ve used before during installing, In “Restore chat history” window click “Restore” in order to import old chats and get back deleted whatsapp messages.

Does my WhatsApp chat history deleted after I reinstall it?

When you reinstall WhatsApp on the same phone after proper verification, you will get the option to restore the backup (if created) of your chat history and media files from the cloud — Google Drive for Android and iCloud for iPhone.

Can I restore my WhatsApp chat history?

Restore from a Google Drive backup Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp. Open WhatsApp and verify your number. When prompted, tap RESTORE to restore your chats and media from Google Drive. … WhatsApp will begin restoring your media files after your chats are restored.