Quick Answer: How Do I Delete Everything And Reinstall Windows?

Will I lose Windows 10 if I factory restore?

When you reset your Windows 10 PC, all apps, drivers, and programs that did not come with this PC will be removed, and your settings restored back to defaults.

Your personal files may be kept intact or removed depending on the choice you made..

Is factory reset bad for your computer?

Factory resets aren’t perfect. They don’t delete everything on the computer. The data will still exist on the hard drive. Such is the nature of hard drives that this type of erasure doesn’t mean getting rid of the data written to them, it just means the data can no longer be accessed by your system.

What happens if I remove everything and reinstall Windows?

Remove Everything and Reinstall (Wipe) – Windows will take the Hard Disk, Format it, and start from fresh. This generally provides better performance, because there is no junk on the Hard Drive. You will need to reinstall all your applications, documents, drivers, etc.

How do I delete everything and reinstall Windows 10?

You can choose to preserve just your personal files or to erase everything, depending on what you need. Go to Start > Settings > Update & security > Recovery, click Get started and select the appropriate option. Then follow the on-screen instructions to restore Windows 10 to a factory fresh state.

Does fully clean the drive reinstall Windows?

When you want a fresh start of your computer, then also you can select this option. It deletes all the files thoroughly and allows you to reinstall windows. You can enjoy working on your computer as it resets to factory defaults.

What happens if you fully clean the drive?

The Fully clean the drive option, though, will overwrite all of your data numerous times with random information so that it is not easily recovered. … Windows will now restart your computer and begin the process of deleting your data and reinstalling Windows 8.