Quick Answer: What Admire Means?

How do you tell a woman you admire her?

Tell her that she is strong.

Tell her that you admire how she has gotten through tough times in her life and still managed to keep her head high.

Tell her that you love her physical strength, how she pushes herself and sets her own goals.

Tell her that you admire all that she is and stands for..

How do you admire someone?

11 Ways to Become a Person You Can AdmireLearn to be comfortable in your own skin. … Choose simplicity over complication. … Don’t dream your life; live your dreams. … Stop pleasing others despite yourself. … Live fully and dare greatly. … Don’t worry what other people think. … Embrace integrity– always.More items…•

What is the opposite word of admire?

Antonyms: abhor, abominate, contemn, despise, detest, dislike, execrate, hate, ridicule, scorn. Synonyms: adore, applaud, approve, delight in, enjoy, esteem, esteem, extol, honor, love, respect, revere, venerate, wonder.

How do you describe admiration?

Admiration is defined as the act of adoring or loving. An example of admiration is the look in the eyes of a couple in love. The definition of an admiration is a person or thing being adored or loved. An example of an admiration is a talented Olympian.

Does admire mean love?

Physical beauty, for example, is something that can arouse admiration and desire. These feelings can be really intense. … They generate so much admiration that sometimes we end up mixing these feelings with love. “To love is to admire with the heart; to admire is to love with the mind.”

How do you use admire in a sentence?

Admire sentence examplesI admire the effort and sacrifice you put into it. … I admire your spirit and your passion. … They admire you for what you have accomplished. … I admire your courage. … She stopped to admire the colors of a fruit pyramid and the textures of textiles. … My word, I admire you! … I admire you, too, Jenn.More items…

Is it wrong to admire someone?

Define “admire.” Like them as a friend, look up to them as an example because they’re a good person? … I assume that’s what you mean by “admire.” Now, it’s absolutely wrong to begin a romantic relationship with someone else and/or have sexual intercourse with them while still having a partner, then no, it is wrong.

How do you admire someone in words?

We all know how great it is to receive a compliment….So here’s a hundred ready-made compliments to try out yourself:You’re an awesome friend.You’re a gift to those around you.You’re a smart cookie.You are awesome!You have impeccable manners.I like your style.You have the best laugh.I appreciate you.More items…

Why do I admire someone?

To ‘admire’ someone is to look up to someone with respect because of who they are and what they do. For example, you can ‘admire’ your parents because they are good role models. Or you may admire a world leader or a public figure because of the work they are doing. … People you admire can influence you in a good way.

What are admirable qualities?

Here are 12 highly admirable qualities that you can enjoy cultivating:Humility. Nobody likes a show off, and everybody appreciates someone who is humble about their talents and achievements. … Generosity. Friend in need? … Good Manners. … Confidence. … Honesty. … Gratitude. … Understanding And Forgiveness. … Commitment.More items…•

What does I admire you mean?

If you hold someone in high esteem or look up to someone, you admire that person. If you ask four-year-olds who they most admire, they are likely to list their mom, dad, and grandparents — or superheroes and comic book characters. The verb admire also means to look at with wonder and pleasure.

How do you tell someone you admire?

Well, just go ahead and let the special someone know subtly that you love and admire him/her. Tell them that you accept them as they are. ‘I feel great being with you’: Drop the hint that you are attracted to him/her by saying that you feel great when he/she is around.

What it means to admire someone?

transitive verb. 1 : to feel respect and approval for (someone or something) : to regard with admiration They all admired her courage.

What is the synonyms for admire?

admireapplaud, praise, express admiration for, commend, approve of, express approval for, favour, look on with favour, think highly of, appreciate.respect, rate highly, hold in high regard, hold in high esteem, look up to, acclaim.compliment, speak highly of, put on a pedestal.