Quick Answer: Which Is The Richest State In Malaysia?

Who is the richest man in Malaysia 2020?

2020 Malaysian billionaires listWorld rankNameNet worth (USD)141Robert Kuok9.6 billion147Quek Leng Chan9.2 billion361Ananda Krishnan4.7 billion437Chen Lip Keong4.1 billion8 more rows.

What is the poorest state in Malaysia?

SabahBased on the latest statistics released by The World Bank’s 2010 report, Sabah still the poorest state in Malaysia where the state has 10% of the Malaysian population but more than 40% of all poor people in Malaysia live in Sabah [4]. …

What is considered rich in Malaysia?

The remaining 99.8 per cent Malaysian adults have a wealth that either touches or falls below US$1 million (RM4. 16 million), with the bulk or 60.6 per cent with wealth below US$10,000, while 36.2 per cent have wealth of US$10,000-US$100,000, and three per cent at the higher wealth range of US$100,000-US$1 million.

What are the 13 states in Malaysia?

A Guide to Malaysia’s States and RegionsFederal Territory of Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia’s beating heart. … Federal Territory of Putrajaya. The administrative capital of Malaysia lies 30 kilometres (18.6 miles) south of Kuala Lumpur and showcases the country’s most elegant architecture. … Negeri Sembilan. … Selangor. … Malacca. … Johor. … Pahang. … Perak.More items…•