Quick Answer: Who Is Senior IG Or DGP?

Who is bigger ACP or DCP?

DCP is stands for Deputy Commissioner of Police which is equivalent to Superintendent of Police (SP) rank.

DCP (Deputy commisionar of police) is higher in rank than ACP (Assistant commisionar of police)..

What is the highest police rank in India?

Director General of PoliceIn India, the Director General of Police (DGP) is a three star rank and the highest ranking police officer in Indian States and Union Territories. All DGPs are Indian Police Service (IPS) officers.

How do I create a DGP?

A DGP or head of the police force is to be selected by the state government from among the three senior most officers empanelled by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) on the basis of — length of service, very good record and the range of experience for heading the police force.

Who is powerful DM or dig?

A DIG is at par with commissioner, a rank superior to DM. But under the new system introduced by the government, DIGs have been given charge of districts replacing senior superintendents of police (SSPs). Now DIGs will have to work under DMs who are junior to them.

What is the salary of DGP in police?

IPS Salary in India – IPS Ranks – 7th Pay CommissionTime ScaleRankPay ScaleAbove Super-Time ScaleAdditional Director General Of Police (ADG)Rs.67000-79000Above Super-Time ScaleDirector General of Police (DG)Rs.75500-80000 (Increment @ 3%) (HAG)Rs.80000 (Fixed)6 more rows

Who is DGP of Gujarat?

Ashish BhatiaAshish Bhatia has been appointed as the Gujarat Director General of Police. Ashish Bhatia, IPS officer of 1985 batch and current police commissioner of Ahmedabad city, has been appointed as the Gujarat Director General of Police (DGP) by a notification order from the state Home department on Friday.

Who is more powerful DGP or DM?

DGP is an IPS officer with 30+ yrs of service and he is the Head of Police Force of a State. DM is a IAS officer with a minimum of 5+ yrs of service and usually is a head of a district. DM functions are confined to a district, but DGP can make decisions across the state, although they are both different functions.

Who will be next DGP of UP?

Following his exit now Sushil Chandra will be next in the line to take over as CEC in 2021. Kumar, as per the seniority principle, will succeed Chandra and take over as next CEC when Sushil Chandra retires in May 2022. He will have a tenure of two years and nine months in the top post.

How many stars are there in a DGP car?

one starEnglish: This is the official car of a DIG (Deputy Inspector General) of Police in India. It has a triangular flag as well as one star (on the blue box). Both these features indicate that the car belongs to a DIG rank police officer.

Who has more power SP or DM?

The highest rank police officer of the state i.e. DGP who is an IPS officer has to report the Home Secretary who is an IAS officer who can be the junior. … In conclusion, we can say that IAS i.e. DM is more powerful than IPS i.e. SP but they work in coordination with each other for the country’s development.

What is the first rank of IPS officer?

Deputy Superintendent of PoliceThe first posting of an IPS officer is as the Deputy Superintendent of Police, and the officer can then rise through the ranks of the State Police to become Commissioner of Police.

Who is bigger DGP or commissioner?

All the States have a Director General of Police (DGP). … The senior most police officer in a commissionerate is the Commissioner of Police. Director General of Police is not a posting but the Highest Rank in the State Police Hierarchy.


List of Uttar Pradesh Police ChiefsNo.NameToDirectors General of Police (DGP)57Hitesh Chandra AwasthyIncumbent56Om Prakash Singh31 Jan 202055Sulkhan Singh31 Dec 201759 more rows

Who comes under DGP?

DGP) is the highest ranking police officer in an Indian State or Union Territory. DGP typically heads the state or UT police force, who in case, are also called State Police Chief.

Which is the highest rank in police?

chief of policeThe chief of police (COP) is the highest-ranking officer in the police department. As the general manager or CEO of the police department, the COP is responsible for the planning, administration, and operation of the police department.

What is rank of ACP?

In general, ACP is stands for Assistant Commissioner of Police which is equivalent to Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP/Dy SP) rank. And. DCP is stands for Deputy Commissioner of Police which is equivalent to Superintendent of Police (SP) rank.

Who is bigger DSP or ACP?

The two are equal and none is higher than other. It is just difference of terminology based on the Commissionerate System. An officer will e called ACP in Commissionerate System while same officer in non commissionerate system will be called as ASP/DSP.

What is full form of ACP?

Full Form for of ACP is Assistant Commissioner of Police.

Can a DM suspend SP?

No. A district collector cannot suspend even a constable if the police commander(read sp/ssp) of the district doesnot agree. … The district sp can only recommend suspension of an ips officer posted in his district to his senior officers.

Which is the biggest post in army?

Field MarshalThe highest rank attainable in the Indian Army is Field Marshal. Ranked as a Five Star General Officer, a Field Marshal is ranked above a General. A Field Marshal’s insignia comprises the national emblem over a crossed baton and saber in a wreath of lotus flowers.

Who is DGP of Maharashtra police?

Subodh Kumar JaiswalSenior IPS officer Subodh Kumar Jaiswal, 57, who was appointed as Maharashtra director general of police on Thursday, said maintaining law and order will remain his priority.