What Does Discomfit Mean?

What does disconcert mean?

to disturb the self-possession of; perturb; ruffle: Her angry reply disconcerted me completely.

to throw into disorder or confusion; disarrange: He changed his mind and disconcerted everybody’s plans..

How do you use espouse in a sentence?

Espouse in a Sentence 🔉People who espouse the Paleo diet claim that they feel better and it’s much easier to control their weight. … Although the reviews were rather harsh, Emma had the grace to espouse the criticism and try to improve her performance.More items…

What does perturbed mean?

to disturb or disquiet greatly in mind; agitate. to throw into great disorder; derange. Astronomy. to cause perturbation in the orbit of (a celestial body).

What does espousal mean?

English Language Learners Definition of espousal formal : the act of expressing support for a cause or belief : the act of espousing something.

What does discomfited mean in the Bible?

transitive verb. 1 : to put into a state of perplexity and embarrassment : disconcert was discomfited by the question. 2a : to frustrate the plans of : thwart discomfit our foes. b archaic : to defeat in battle the ground … strewn with the discomfited— Stephen Crane.

What does discomfort mean?

noun. an absence of comfort or ease; uneasiness, hardship, or mild pain. anything that is disturbing to or interferes with comfort.

What is another word for discomfort?

What is another word for discomfort?painacheirritationtendernesshurtmalaisesorenesssufferingtwingepang227 more rows

Is disconcerting a real word?

adjective. disturbing to one’s composure or self-possession; upsetting, discomfiting.

What does unsettle mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to loosen or move from a settled state or condition : make unstable : disorder.

What does espousing mean?

verb (used with object), es·poused, es·pous·ing. to make one’s own; adopt or embrace, as a cause. to marry.

How do you use the word perspective?

Perspective sentence examplesWhen he spoke, his perspective surprised her. … She had an interesting perspective, and she made him think about things differently. … As it turned out, Señor Medena had the same perspective on the situation as Carmen did.More items…

How do you use discomfit in a sentence?

Discomfit in a Sentence 🔉The manager’s mean look served to discomfit me during the interview. … Because Ann does not like her mother-in-law, she tries to discomfit her when she visits. … The mob boss will try and discomfit the witness by threatening his family.More items…