What Is Another Word For Enforce?

What is opposite of literal?

literal(adj) limited to the explicit meaning of a word or text.

“a literal translation” Antonyms: synecdochic, metonymical, fancy, poetic, nonliteral, synecdochical, metaphorical, false, inexact, figurative, analogical, extended, tropical, metaphoric, metonymic..

Which is the closest antonym for the word enforce?

Antonyms for enforcecease.halt.not finish.refuse.stop.check.delay.deter.More items…

What does it mean to enforce a decision?

verb (tr) to ensure observance of or obedience to (a law, decision, etc) to impose (obedience, loyalty, etc) by or as by force. to emphasize or reinforce (an argument, demand, etc)

What does still in force mean?

1. Legally enforced; in effect. There was a law like that on the books, but I’m not sure it’s still in force. The voters are going to come out against you in force if you don’t change your position on this. …

Is it inforce or enforce?

There is no such word as “inforce.” If someone wrote “inforce,” it’s probably because he heard someone pronounce “enforce” but never saw that word in print. … Therefore, when he wrote the word, he guessed the spelling wrong, and it came out as “inforce” instead of “enforce.”

How do you enforce something?

1to make sure that people obey a particular law or rule enforce something It’s the job of the police to enforce the law. The legislation will be difficult to enforce. … enforce something (on somebody) to make something happen or force someone to do something You can’t enforce cooperation between the players.

What is the opposite of ignoble?

Opposite of of, or belonging to, the lower social class. aristocratic. blue-blooded. genteel. gentle.

Will an antonym?

Antonyms for willdislike.hate.hatred.indecision.question.wavering.weakness.distaste.More items…

What is another word for enforcing?

What is another word for enforce?compelforceexertexpectinduceinvokespurwhipwrestinsist on96 more rows

What is another word for enforcing laws?

What is another word for enforce laws?legislateordainratify lawsmake provisionput laws in forcelay down lawslay down the lawsanctionratifyapprove238 more rows

What does enforced mean?

To enforce means to make sure the laws and rules are being followed. … The traffic police enforce the driving laws by handing out speeding tickets.